We're the Mumbai-based Denim Wear brand that's all about embracing boldness and comfort. Our journey began in 2021, fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries and experimenting fearlessly. With our mantra "Embrace the Unconventional," we've reimagined denim staples to create a weekly rotation of fresh, Gen-Z-inspired styles in over 35 categories and 800+ designs. Our dedicated team carefully crafts each piece, ensuring a seamless blend of contemporary fashion and unmatched comfort.

Our collection of 1500+ styles caters to diverse body types, occasions, and preferences, promising fashion-forward fits, artistic washes, and intricate rips that empower women to express themselves confidently.

Freakins thrives in both direct-to-consumer platforms and renowned marketplaces, echoing our commitment to making fashion accessible to all. We believe that each garment is an extension of your personality, and we're here to empower you on your style journey.

As we continue to redefine denim wear, one daring experiment at a time, we invite you to be a part of the Freakins revolution. Welcome to the future of fashion!

Address: 2, OFFICE NO. 61, JUHU SUPREME SHOPPING CENTRE, GULMOHAR CROSS ROAD NO. 9, JVPD, Juhu, Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra, 400049



Right from the start, we've been on an exciting journey, driven by talented young folks from all corners of our country who share a big love for creating clothes you're going to adore.

This adventure brought together a bunch of enthusiastic individuals. We've all put our hearts into making clothes that really connect with you. It's been quite a ride, and we've built something special that we're all proud of.

With our endless enthusiasm, we've weaved together a diverse and creative team. These are the awesome people who make the magic happen and create the clothes you're going to fall in love with. Let us introduce you to the fantastic minds and skilled hands behind it all!


At the heart of our endeavors lies an unwavering commitment to our valued customers. They form the very bedrock upon which our every action is built, shaping and inspiring every facet of our journey. Our dedication to serving our cherished patrons is not just a mission – it's a vibrant, integral part of who we are.