Welcome To FREAKINS!

What We Do

As stories, generations, and different cultures pass via our doors and as many lives, our mission still remains unaltered: to see every female comfortable in whatever she wears no matter what. We want to attend the needs and work on the aspirations of every woman.

We want to create bright moments and come up with new stories. We aim to achieve all these without considering whoever they are or their locations. Every woman can expect to receive top-notch services and treated with care and courtesy.

We are a unique workshop - exclusive women wear brand and a modern atelier. We are identified as an exceptional luxury emporium in the world. Every woman can expect a transformative experience from us. We are a top-rated workshop that is devoted to artistry and excellence. Our primary aim is to reinvent and surprise and ensure our rank as the top-rated in this category.

We work hard so that we can maintain our position as the exceptional experts and masters of luxury. Every year, many visitors connect with us as they are after experiencing something unique.

Our team of designers is our strength. They always work hard towards exceeding the expectations of every woman. Other than this, the team's unique personalities are what make it easy for us to make each impossible possible for every woman.

Our potential customers are the primary determinants of our success. Our loyal customers are the key reason why we exist, and no day we can forget this.

We are a modern luxury workshop for a confident fashion customer. We want to deliver a five-star shopping experience. We want to help every woman to express their unique style and not just buying fashion.

We are an exclusive women-wear brand that strongly believes in being bold out there. We offer compelling six pieces per size in the designer collection. Since 2017, we have been working hard towards providing every woman with top-notch service. Also, we want to improve this service from one day to another.

This dedication is the reason why our loyal customers keep coming back for our services. We take pride in serving women in different parts of the world.

As a top-rated fashion workshop, we believe that this industry is a business of optimism. And this is the primary why we keep growing and evolving. We are after serving our loyal customers in an inspiring style and with the shopping experience they need. Our team of professional associates works hard from one day to another to provide every customer with a top-notch shopping experience.

We want to give the fashion industry a new dimension. Thus, this explains why innovation remains to be our primary driver as we work hard towards achieving excellence in customer service. We want to provide every woman with affordable styles that will make them noticeable while in a crowd.

Who We Are

We are a top-rated fashion workshop that believes in a world where you're not limited to be the person you want. We believe in a universe where you can experiment, express, and you're brave to grab life as the exceptional adventure it is.

Thus, we work hard towards ensuring that every woman has an equal chance to identify all the fantastic things they can without considering their locations or who they are. We are here since we want to ensure that you have the confidence you need. We are ever ready to make without considering the look that you always like to boss.

We understand that we have a wonderfully unique audience. Thus, we always work hard to ensure that every woman has access to their fits. Also, this is the reason why we offer Limited Editions of 9 products, and you can access three per month. Other than this, we offer six pieces per size in the designer collection so that you can quickly get the one that meets your needs.

We offer different pieces per size since we want to see confident after getting the perfect thing as per your desires.


At FREAKINS, we want to treat responsible business practices as our top priority. We want to improve our performance from time to time throughout our various supply chains and our business.

Our Commitment

We are ready to share with you the commitment we have implemented so far to enhance a better mode of working.

Our primary sustainability ambitions include:

  • Encourage implementation of a positive change via engagement and collaborations with our various brands
  • Engaging our customers from time to time so that they can make informed and reliable choices
  • Producing and consuming in the right way so that we can protect the environment
  • Make our people the champions and offer a supportive, dynamic and a diversified working place
  • Run our operations with integrity and position the right business at what we do

The Environment

At FREAKINS, we work hard from one day to another to lessen our impact on the environment. We do this since we believe in making positive and realistic changes that are of great benefit to the world.

We believe that implementing a collective is crucial in lessening our impact on the environment. We work hand in hand with the fashion leaders so that we can get tips from each. We understand that this is the way we can accelerate positive changes towards protecting our environment. 

Note: Avadat Lifestyle LLP is the parent company of Freakins India; the brand is registered under Avadat Trading Pvt Ltd. All Manufacturing and Production for Freakins is carried forward by Avadat Apparels. At Large, Our Complete Brand and Business fall under the Avadat Group.