People change as the world changes. And brands are no exception. Freakins was founded in 2018 with the sole objective of enabling women in dressing fashionably while maintaining a level of comfort. We’re a brand that celebrates women - their authenticity, independence and their free spirit in all its glory. What started as an experiment in repurposing and reimagining a staple material: Denim; soon turned into a full-fledged brand that focuses on making garments that don’t just make you happy but make you whole.

Freakins understands the foundations of fashion as feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear. And so, tailoring pieces to fit just right and striking that perfect balance between comfort and style echo the brand’s ‘stitch to connect’ philosophy. Fashion has always meant more to us than just creating clothing and the process of making an idea come to life and consequently turning it into pieces that become a part of your everyday is how we impact lives. Our philosophy revolves around reinventing staples as fashionable moments while maintaining the comfort of that favourite pair of jeans. Which is why, our approach to fashion will always be to ensure our pieces become an extension of your personality.

We are a unique workshop - exclusive women wear brand and a modern atelier. As a youth-run brand, Freakins puts new ideas and innovation foremost in its determination to provide exemplary products and services in the fashion domain while we attempt to give the industry a new dimension. Our team has a unique understanding of our target market, which allows us to be even more efficient in our pursuit of providing the finest products to our consumers. Freakins has always wanted to keep up with the world and the ever-changing dynamics of consumerism, which is why, the entirety of our creative team is under 25!
We believe in a world where you're not limited to be the person you want, where you can experiment, express, and have the confidence to be brave enough to enjoy life as the exceptional adventure it is. This belief in our ability to impact lives makes us devoted to artistry and excellence with the aim of growing and evolving as a brand and as an ideology.