Let your freak flag fly free.

Break the rules, make new ones. We don’t preach, we just give you the option to be you, all you. Sassy. Sexy. Bold.

We make innovative and experimental denim clothing for trendsetters. Limited edition, fashion forward, in a variety of weights and washes, a plethora of colors and a swarm of experimental silhouettes, The upgrade from “yawn!” jeans and jackets that you’ve never seen before.

We know our denim and bring for you the best quality denim sourced from some of the most trusted names in fabrics to make a well-deserved space in the wardrobes of today’s fashion influencers. Every piece that you receive is part of a very small batch produced, that will never be produced again. Cutting the chances of you “twinning” with anyone; the probability of that basic bitch and you wearing the same dress? Neva Eva. That being said, every piece is made very carefully and entirely by one craftsman only. It’s a new kind of fashion with a new kind of maker. So bring you’re A-game and make it rain.