Has the virus-paranoid mindset overpowered creativity? A Safe Revolution into Safe Fashion.

Has the virus-paranoid mindset overpowered creativity? Let's settle the debate.
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Why does India need a safe fashion revolution?

The post-pandemic world is introducing changes to not only aspects of our outside home lives but also the lifestyle within homes. Especially in times of lockdown and social distancing, creative and fun methods of keeping yourself occupied are becoming increasingly popular. One such avenue is fashion. Fashion, shopping and retail are very personal, interactive and engaging industries. But due to the current circumstances, and consumer habits of trying on clothes, matching products and comparing materials, access to this industry is becoming remote and impersonal. The need to be creative and fun exists now more than ever, and such an avenue through fashion should not be limited to the outdoors. In such times, with safety of the consumer and the process of production goods being of utmost importance, a creative and much-needed personal industry like fashion, needs to ‘clean-up’ towards a safer revolution.

What drives this revolution?

The clean-up that is emphasised on, is in terms of adapting to the changes and providing safety, sustainability through hygiene and sanitation norms. Further to increase reliability of products, the process needs to be transparent and reinforced at every microeconomic level of production, marketing and consumption. This will build trust between the producer and consumer, which is essential in any relationship to ensure both sides demands are met. The medium for this change, will be local fashion giants or industries. We believe, that local industries have the best knowledge of consumer demands and needs, local authority policies, and the local landscape in terms of thinking, culture and consumerism. They will best understand how to keep the spirit of creativity and passion through fashion, alive within homes. Hence, they can lead this safe fashion revolution that India needs.

What do we mean by safe fashion?

Following their ‘be bold and fearless’ philosophy, Freakins’ becomes the first brand to introduce the safe fashion category. Safe fashion, essentially is  a multi-level intervention in the fashion industry encouraging safety and sustainability in the production without compromising on style. This concept is introduced with changes at multiple levels of production. First, sanitisation and hygiene norms for the products itself by thorough sterilisation. Second, hygiene norms maintained for the work house as well as the workers. And third, sterilisation of sealed packages and delivery bags.  The process involves the use of innovative procedures like first, Sterilisation-till Worn (STW), which involves the sterilisation of products in chambers and of the packaging materials, visible through a color-changing seal. The second, is the Anti-Virus till 40 washes process (AV40), which uses nanotechnology to remove any virus on the surfaces of the product and is effective till up to 40 washes. This ensures safe and hygienic norms for both product and production.

The idea is to help create a new normal which is stylish, sustainable and safe. This idea of forward-looking fashion recognizes and separates the brand and its adaptability, sensibility, creativity and resourcefulness. It's an attempt to not confine fashion to the outdoors, making it easily accessible and safe to wear; and especially to bring that joy in every circumstance. Safe Fashion becomes a way to prepare the fashion industry and it’s consumers for a post-pandemic country.

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