Ideas to wear a denim jacket

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Denim jackets are not only durable and comfortable but they also rate high on style and versatility. Denim jackets have not gone out of class for years, especially for women. It is a fashion symbol that represents youthfulness and high spirits. Plus, many celebrities wear these jackets and bring out a rockstar-chic look with them. Jackets made of denim are the uber-cool clothing choice for women who do not want to hide their vibrant personality. However, though denims are the staple in today’s day and age, it can be tricky to know how to style and carry a jacket.

Styling with denims

Denim jackets can be great for pleasant days and can also look good on winter days teamed with a scarf. However, it does not always seem like the best fit for solemn occasions. A denim jacket during a marriage ceremony or an office meeting might seem off. However, on the right occasion, wearing these jackets can set your style apart from the rest. You can go out with friends or even add a bit of grunge to your looks if you want to spend a disco night. However, choosing the right jacket shade, fit, and size is extremely important. 

Denim Jacket Combo Styling Tips:

If you are wondering how to complete your outfit with a denim jacket, here are some ideas:

  1. Denim on Denim: Try the classic way of pairing your denim jacket with jeans and a basic black or white T-shirt. It adds a pop of colours and makes the outfit complete with an extra sprinkle of coolness. This look is both trendy and classy at the same time. 

  1. Jacket with a dress: If you want to keep yourself warm on a pleasant day and look delicate, there is no better alternative than pairing up your jacket with a dress. Team up a cute summer dress, long or short, with a denim jacket and boots to give you a smart and trendy look.

  1. Black jacket: If you do not want to restrict yourself to blue jackets, try a black denim jacket with jeans or a skirt and a white top to give yourself a formal touch. The colour can make the jacket a more casual replacement for a blazer, fit for formal office parties. 

  1. Jacket as a shirt: Find yourself a well-fitted outfit with a denim jacket and button it up all the way. The right fit can bring out your frame well while keeping it professional. If you do not want to go for the usual solid-colored bases, you can go for a printed pair to add more glamour to your look.

  1. Kurti with denim jacket: Go desi by pairing your jacket with a Kurti for a more traditional look. A Kurti with a jacket and a smart pair of chappals looks elegant and adds that Indian coyness to your appearance.

Only Denim Jacket - Styling Tips

Here are some denim-based styling ideas for your wardrobe:

  1. Long denim jacket: Longer denim jackets have been in style for a few years now. It varies in length from a little below t-shirt length to calf length. These long jackets complete your look by adding an extra splash of rough-and-tough style. A long jacket with jeans can be a great workplace outfit too.
  2. Distressed denim jacket: Oversized distressed denim jackets can be statement pieces in your wardrobe. A casual and rugged look with a few strategic rips here and there makes you look easy-going and trendy at the same time. 
  3. Embroidered denim jacket: If you are bored of the usual outfit with jackets, go for the embroidered jackets. Some jackets have beautiful colorful flowers, while others have badges and smileys, adding a pop to your regular style. 
  4. Colored denim jacket: When we think of denim, we think of a  blue denim jacket. Break this monotony by exploring the blacks, greys, or other lighter colored denim. Going out of the ‘blue’ comfort zone will help you stand out among your friends. 
  5. Short denim jackets: Short jackets are effortless pieces to bring out the delicacy in your look. Usually, these jackets are perfect for a summer day when you do not want to wear too much or too little up to the mid-waist. 

If you are looking for a single piece that completes your look - be it with Indian or Western, your go-to should be a denim jacket. Women of any body shape can flaunt these jackets - be it with jeans or a Kurti. At Freakins, we offer a wide variety of denim jackets - choose the right one and experiment in style.