Freakins’ becomes the first brand to incorporate WHO recommended measures at no additional cost, to bring to you high quality safety with high quality style.

Freakins has adopted two distinctive yet correlating Processes that ensure the safety of products.

  1. AV40 Process - The antivirus chemical used to treat products using nanotechnology, provides 99% anti-viral, sterilised, skin-friendly and hygienic garments for upto 40 washes. Launched on All Products. AV40 treatment makes sure that all virus are eliminated as in when they come in contact with the product!

  2. (STW) Sterilised till Worn Process - The Sterilised-till-Worn Process (STW) provides a colour-changing ink seal upon sterilisation with the medically used EtO gas, ensuring reliability of both product and consumer hygiene and transparency in the safety treatment procedure. Already in Use.

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