Jeans Trending in 2020

Every woman has a few pairs of trusty denims in their closet. Jeans is a durable piece of clothing that gives you the polished yet laid back looks at the same time. Most women, whatever be their shape or height, can pull off jeans and get their coolness quotient up! While jeans have always been in vogue, there are some special variants of this garment that tops the trending lists every year. Once there was the bootcut age, and now the skinny huggers are coming into the limelight. As the trends keep changing, you should be aware of the latest fashion trends in jeans to keep you confident in the current fashion scene. 

Women’s Jeans Trending in 2020 

Some of the new trends in jeans this year are:

Baggy Jeans 

You know it is a trend when Kardashians start to get into this comfortable piece. Baggy jeans have been a trend in different forms. Quite recently, its cousin, the boyfriend jeans, was in trend. In 2020, you need to relax and style it up with this loose pair, perfect for those who find figure-hugging jeans uncomfortable. Styling baggy jeans are easy as it goes well with almost everything, while giving you that laid back aura. 

Bootcut Jeans 

Bootcut jeans are back in trend with a whiff of nostalgia. These trending jeans for women might remind you of the 70s, but retro fashion is always cool. The denims hug you in the waist while being flowy and flared at the bottom. You can go for the general style of pairing bootcut jeans with fitted tops and plaid shirts. Want the boho look? Then go for bootcut jeans that instantly give you a longer frame. 


Distressed Jeans 

Bring on the rough and tough look with distressed jeans. Perfect for street style, you can always pick up a pair of distressed jeans for an outing. If we follow the trending jeans in 2020, it seems that cropped distressed jeans will dominate the fashion scene. You can get to look chic at all seasons with this garment while also giving out the rockstar vibe. Style them with a long jacket, a high neck blouse, and throw in a pair of heels to nail that cool-girl look. 

Front-pleated Jeans 

Are you all for that professional trouser look? If yes, then front-pleated jeans are a perfect choice. Gone are the days where jeans had dull waist area. Now, designers are putting on pleats. These new trendy jeans let you show off the beautiful curves. Tuck in that beautiful blouse or wear it with a crop top to get everyone to swoon over your style. You can quickly achieve a vintage look with this fashionable pair. 

High-rise Jeans 

High-waisted jeans are one of the best friends as they minimize the chance of exposing muffin tops. Instead, the pairs are quite flattering to the body, especially for people who like to go minimalistic with their jeans and pair it with a high-top. Do not forget to pair them with a pair of boots for a pizzazz. It is definitely the classic trending jeans that you want in the wardrobe. 

Skinny Jeans 

Teenagers love them, and so do their moms. Skinny jeans have revolutionized the denim industry by making the stretchy fabric become the go-to choice for all women. These pairs are lightweight and with the right fit, they are comfortable too. It is the easiest thing to style for a supermarket trip or even for a high-profile party. A bedazzled look goes pretty well with a body-hugging skinny pair. Skinny jeans also allow you to experiment with a completely new outfit. These trending jeans can look alluring if paired with a traditional kurti or can bring up the cool factor with the classic denim-on-denim look. 

The classic styles never fail to come up as trending jeans. The one thing you need to do is find jeans that fit you perfectly well and experiment with the outfits and styles to bring out your best self. In 2020, fashion is taking a trip back to the past where the retro is starting to make way into the new. At Freakins, you can find the different styles of the trending jeans in 2020 - choose the right one for your wardrobe and become the fashionista of the year!