Fast Fashion and Denim

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In the 1800’s fashion was a slow, extensive and a labour and time consuming process. From the sourcing of materials, to creation of design, preparation to the actual weaving and stitching. With the Industrial Revolution, the massive advancement in technology allowed fashion to be more consumer accessible and affordable with mass production.


Now, inexpensive, fashionable, safe and reliable clothing is the new necessity. The term fast fashion comes to mind here. Fast Fashion, a contemporary term that refers to inexpensive clothing that is mass produced in response to the latest changes in trends. These designs are coined with the adjective ‘fast’ because they rapidly move from collections by designers on ramps to the local stores at affordable prices for everyday wear and use. The advantage of fast fashion is that which dynamic trends, fast fashion provides the most quick response. There is an increased consumer satisfaction from being able to participate and keep up with the constant change in trends. It heightens consumer spending and therefore company profits.


An important segment of the fast fashion industry is denim. Denim has always been a strong segment of the Indian Fashion industry. It is an essential in all wardrobes and enhances style. It is easily adapted to different products from the basic jeans, jackets, shirts, shorts and skirts to upcycled bags, belts, upholstery, dresses, hats, overalls etc. This makes it reusable for all creative purposes. From dyeing, weaving, accessorizing, using beads, paints etc. any old denim can be transformed into new styles. Like someone correctly said, fashion fades but denim is eternal. That is the denim you own will never become old. It’s multivariate usage makes it suitable for diverse needs.


Adapting with the times, the revolution in fashion and work-from-home styles are becoming increasingly popular. The requirement from such fashion designs today are threefold. One, they should be inexpensive because of most of these clothes will be worn indoors. Second, they should fashionable enough to express the creativity, passion and confidence from their look. And most importantly it needs to be safe by proper sterilisation and sanitation of the products.