Bringing back the Basics.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that, ’Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.’ With most of our lives shifting to the indoors, the applicability of such a quote is now more than ever. Simplicity is the key. Simple and comfortable clothing that can be worn throughout the day at our own homes are the need. Basic clothing best incorporates this feature, using neutral colours and patterns that can be worn and styled with most wardrobe items and worn for multi-purposes.The idea is that less is more, and what a better time and place to highlight this than within the comfort of your homes. This idea stems from the movement of minimalism.

Minimalism as an art movement began in post World War II with the western visual arts in America, and hence was incorporated into several different creative fields. In design, it has a strong traditional Japanese influences. First is the incorporation of the ‘zen culture’ into their aesthetic (Saito, 2007, The Moral Dimension of Japanese Aesthetics). Second is the principle of ‘Ma’ which means opening up spaces and removing the unnecessary (Bertoni 2002, p. 23). An early designer, De Stijl developed this mode of expression by organising basic elements.


In the context of fashion, minimalism focuses more on the form and fabric rather than how the clothing is being used or styled. The design of that incorporates this theme focuses on using the just the absolutely necessary elements and hence often use basic shapes, patterns and monochrome colour palettes. The idea behind such a creative movement was that for a design to be attractive or creative, it does not necessarily have to be expensive, complex or incorporating a large number of elements.


Following this Freakins’ brings back the basics. It recently launched its new everyday wear line of joggers and leggings. This incorporates the material comfort and minimalist design, which is easy and stylish to wear for all situations within the house. This launch is under the novel ‘Safe Fashion’ category, which implements all WHO recommended measures in the entire process of production and delivery of the item. The anti-viral technology is used which kills the virus on the surfaces and remains for upto 40 washes after purchase. This ensures the hygiene and safety of our consumers.


The time has come to use and creativity associated with fashion and styling should not be limited just to the outdoors. We are of the view that homes can indeed be creative spaces too. Using old clothes and wearing them differently, recycling clothes by trying do-it-yourself techniques on them using paints or cutting or using new products and styling them creatively for your daily work at home. The options are endless and so is the creative mind.